Many of the pieces I make have a hand-applied chemical oxidizer (blackener). Due to the nature of this patina, the finish will evolve and change overtime. If you do not like the evolution of the patina and would like your piece refinished, please reach out to with your product name and photos of your piece, and I will work with you to get your piece refinished. There is a $5 refinishing fee + shipping & handling and a 1 week turn around time from day of receiving.

All pieces will tarnish with time, especially if not being worn. Polished pieces can be brought back to life with a brass or silver (depending on your piece) polishing cloth. You can also use a home remedy of tomato paste and a soft cloth to polish your pieces. 

Everything at Blueprint Metals is handmade. Some variations in shape and finish are expected and celebrated as a one of a kind piece.